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Danielle Taylor – Queendom

Today is International Women’s Day, with the sentiment of the day in mind, we’re pleased to be able to share Queendom by Danielle Taylor! In an industry that sometimes feels like it’s a bit of a sausagefest, it’s always good fun to come across something that resembles somewhat of a feminist anthem.

Providing bravado in spades, Queendom has spiritual and sonic undertones of Katy Perry’s Roar, and all the girl power of the Spice Girls, and is a hearty holler, of pride and independence. Larger than life, there are backing vocals in the chorus that verge on being tribal, and do exceptionally well to compliment the lead vocal that brings buckets of energy! Those vocals, particularly towards the end the song, also scale some quite large heights and are nothing short of impressive.

All in all, with Queendom, Danielle Taylor has penned a wonderfully pleasing pop song, that’s both easy to listen to, whilst also putting a pep in your step. More importantly, it’s a brilliant reminder that you are strong, independent, and resourceful – and that goes for every day.

You can listen to Queendom on your streaming platform of choice, and find out more about Danielle Taylor on her website.

Ed Eator

A lover of anything with a decent beat and a poignant lyrics, Ed's always been a big fan of the local music scene in London and the Home Counties. From rap to reggae; punk to pop, Ed'll listen to it all. After playing in a couple of smalltime bands, Ed realised that his passion lay in listening to new music and promoting other musicians on the scene. If you'd like Ed to listen to your new or upcoming release, drop him an email at

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