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Geeva Flava – LAGOON

Our “universal storytellers” dropped a breezy new song called LAGOON last Friday – the second single taken from upcoming album Hadal Zone. After recently discovering this group, it’s apparent these musicians are at the top of their game and I’m personally eager to hear this labour of love in full.

Gaining their following by patronising international alt music festivals, Turkey-based Geeva Flava are a group of adept musicians who carry themselves with a slick, dynamic energy. LAGOON is the work of a tight, musical unit playing out in seemingly perpetual motion. Circuitous lines of chorus-drenched guitars chime away over delicate drums, bringing to mind the breezy musical stylings of Mac Demarco and (perhaps to a lesser extent), Taiwanese math rockers Elephant Gym. But influences stretch wider still, drawing inspirations from jazz and folk music. They always seem to be searching for alternative ways to tell a story, one testament to this is the eccentric music video which accompanies the track. Another, the inclusion of a comic book alongside their forthcoming album. Small, intriguing supplements work well to capture the imaginations of an audience.

You can find the song’s fantastically quirky music video directed by Altay Erlik on YouTube and LAGOON is available for streaming on all platforms now.

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