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Naomi Cheyanne – I Know

Naomi Cheyanne is a singer-songwriter from Long Beach, CA. I Know is her latest single, the first taken off her In My Home EP, and it’s a step ahead of any R&B I’ve heard in 2021 thus far.

Sometimes to stand out means to do less. I Know flaunts a principally minimal approach but a healthy dose of simple motifs which prove effective, resulting in some truly fine songwriting. It impresses not only with its potent melody, but with the use of compositional restraint in all the right areas. While many grasp for extravagance, Cheyanne keeps things grounded, understanding the real essence of R&B lies in quality rhythms and infectious hooks.

You can stream I Know on Spotify, and find out more about Naomi Cheyanne on her Instagram.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with this article more! Naomi Cheyanne is really taking a different approach on RnB with this song. I can’t wait till more of the world discovers her!

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