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Brothavudu – GODZ​[​LOST​]​CHILD

New tape dropped yesterday from the Florida beatmaster. He brings us some offbeat, deeply soulful, lo-fi joints. Across its 10 tracks, we’re zig-zagging in and out of genres and moods like it’s a solemn skiing competition.

Brothavudu has been keeping himself busy this year; churning out beats, stockpiling hooks and melodies and diligently releasing tapes on Bandcamp. On GODZ​[​LOST​]​CHILD he distills soul funk from across several decades and skims off the best bits. It’s all delicately constructed, pleasantly subdued – even slightly aloof at times. But even though no cut on here makes it to 2 minutes, they still all make a home deep in your psyche.

Don’t sleep on this. Cop the tape on Bandcamp.

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