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Scooped Up – Dislexic

On the second single from their upcoming album, we are delivered a visceral, unapologetic, eccentric and right in your face banger from Conneticut-based pop-punk band Scooped Up. It’s so authentic and DIY that we simply couldn’t justify not covering it.

Indeed there’s a lot more going on when you scratch the surface. You could talk about their passion, commitment, acerbic wit etc. but this track speaks for itself. It goes in hard, and saying that Dislexic embrace the feral spirit of punk in ways that few others of their contemporaries do isn’t an understatement. We’re impressed.

The band do their own art, graphic design, photography, videography, merch; the list goes on. They also shoot ther own music videos, the one in question being for their new single Scooped Up which you can view here.

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