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The Daily Dip: NEXUS⁶⁴ – E X O D U S

For me, this new NEXUS⁶⁴ record is the second truly significant vaporwave release this year aside from Marina’s TUPPERWAVE. Though it may have less of an audience, be a lot less funky and sit quite firmly in the experimental/ambient branch of the genre, it does a fine job of transporting you to a strange cyberpunk setting and envelopes you in its ambiance. This is what I believe vaporwave is all about.

Originally released last month, it’s now been reissued onto new vaporwave label Slimewire, for free, with a bonus track added. I would advise listening to it alone in a comfortable environment with some good noise-cancelling headphones so you can just be wrapped up in it. Each passing track has its own story and a vibe that you can get sucked up into if you allow yourself.

Check out the album on Bandcamp here.

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