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Tim Brooks – 3LS

After 5 years of being on the road and playing venues across the UK and Europe, London singer-songwriter, Tim Brooks, is not one to sit still despite the restrictions we’re all being forced to live with for the time being. Testament to that is his highly emotive, new III*<3 EP (otherwise styled as 3 Love Songs, or 3LS).

The EP begins with Gideon; serving as a blindingly brilliant introduction to Brooks’ unique, impassioned and gritty vocals that can sometimes conjure comparisons with Benjamin Kowalewicz of Billy Talent. Telling the tale of someone who is dangerously addicted to the powerful drug that is nostalgia, and pleading to an old friend to stick around even when things aren’t appearing to be smooth sailing, Gideon is a sometimes-haunting beginning to the 3 track collection that definitely leaves a mark.

Following the perfect stage-setter to the EP is Rosemary – an interesting tune with the cadence of Send Me On my Way by Rusted Root, that is paired with beautiful thoughts on how affections linger – no matter how short and sharp they may be – with the gorgeous line: “Love for just one night, well, it’s still love”. Rosemary carries a a stark sentimentality and intimacy that hooks the listener, delivering them in an abundance of emotion into the final track.

That final track, Dirty Lovers, is all about the passion. With a scantily laid guitar backing at the beginning, it’s Brooks’ vocal that drives a song that explores the intricately woven backstories we weave to compliment our innocent voyeurism of other people. However, in amongst all the story-searching, the narrator resolves that they have settled with the right person afterall. The song is an absolute joy to the listener as it cascades into a rousing middle-eight where the subject pleads for the understanding that they are fallible after all. Shaken, and most definitely stirred, the rollercoaster of emotions finally closes with delightfully intricate guitar work to bring the curtain down on this highly evocative EP.

3LS is a refreshing and poignant take on heartbreak and history. Folk fans who dine out on maudlin tones can look in the other direction. But if you’re looking for songs with grit, guts, and glory, and material that takes you on a journey, Tim Brooks and 3LS will certainly do the job.

You can find out more about Tim Brooks on his Instagram and Facebook pages; download his EP on Bandcamp; and stream it on your chosen platform.

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