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A two-minute love-hate trip: Creature Spell – Indigo Hush

An intermission from the mundane. The tiniest spike in a flatline. A worthwhile distraction from the white noise. The strange masochism of watching others live while all you can do is watch on in envy.

With beautifully paired electric and guitar sounds, Indigo Hush’s new release strikes a chord, particularly with anyone living a repetitive and mundane pandemic lifestyle while seeing the endless social media posts of others running marathons or baking their seventh loaf of banana bread (yes, we get it, Janice, you can f*cking cook).

Despite being just over two minutes long, Creature Spell, with its delightfully enchanting riff, and a tinge of the psychadelic, casts its eye on a life that feels relentless (“All these days they all seem to keep on coming / but then they all start to feel the same / I’m pouring sweat, the sun is beaming / voices in my head are screaming / can we get some f*cking shade!?”), and be a call for a little bit of escapism – even if it may take some drastic forms (“White pony in my robe / and I’m thinking about how you smell.”)

You can check out Creature Spell on your chosen platform by clicking here.

Ed Eator

A lover of anything with a decent beat and a poignant lyrics, Ed's always been a big fan of the local music scene in London and the Home Counties. From rap to reggae; punk to pop, Ed'll listen to it all. After playing in a couple of smalltime bands, Ed realised that his passion lay in listening to new music and promoting other musicians on the scene. If you'd like Ed to listen to your new or upcoming release, drop him an email at

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