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The Excuses release Meant To Be!

If you like your indie rock to be served with a hefty side of quirk that may make you raise an eyebrow (or two!), the Excuses are the band for you.

Following a lengthy stint gigging in the capital and the home counties, this lively London lot have put out a single that does its best to not only incorporate pop-rock vibe with delicately layered guitar parts, but also appears to have a slight Abba tinge; as a massive wall of backing vocals greets the listener in the chorus.

On the subject of singing, Begüm Ocakcı’s lead soaring vocals in Meant to Be are a joy to listen to, carrying a melody that meanders up and down, and sometimes carries Linda Perry vibes; as she tells a tale of unrequited love above instrumentation that sounds wistful, but ultimately without malice.

You can check out The Excuses on their Instagram page, and listen to their new song on your platform of choice. (And you definitely should listen to it – no excuses!)

(And we refuse to apologise for making that joke… we at least waited until the end of the review!)

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Ed Eator

A lover of anything with a decent beat and a poignant lyrics, Ed's always been a big fan of the local music scene in London and the Home Counties. From rap to reggae; punk to pop, Ed'll listen to it all. After playing in a couple of smalltime bands, Ed realised that his passion lay in listening to new music and promoting other musicians on the scene. If you'd like Ed to listen to your new or upcoming release, drop him an email at

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