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Tooria and Will Newman – Drive All Night

Another exciting collab feature here on Tempo Tempo; neither Tooria, nor Will Newman are yet household names, but if you’ve been paying attention to pop music, commercial or alternative, you’ll know that this fact could change in a heartbeat. They both possess huge talent.

Tooria has spent the last decade developing her sound in the retro/vintage music scene. Performing at events and festivals all over the UK, while Will Newman came into the British pop scene in late 2018 and since then, has released two EPs, an album, produced for other artists and has dropped various singles, picking up a niche, worldwide following with his genre-defying take adolescence and relationships.

Drive All Night is a plunges into the darkness of the city and the sexy vibrance of night life. It is a doting on the mysterious love found in the city, and the need for those dark nights to never end.

Stream it on Spotify here.

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