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The Cabaret Quicksand – Colours

You’ll likely need no reminding that, 2020, as a year, was relentless, gut-wrenching, and something we’d rather forget. But it’s only right that we learn lessons from the year so we can come back stronger as a society – and encouraging us to do that with their rousing reflection on events is The Cabaret Quicksand (featuring Serena Pryne from the Mandevilles).

Colours grabs the bull by the horns and dares not shy away from the issue at the heart of this song – the shocking murder of George Floyd and the BLM movement that ensued. That, alone, is worthy of praise: at a time where some feel that the world has worryingly moved on, it’s absolutely fantastic to see the issue being revived, and placed front and centre with fervour, and fire.

Serena Pryne also does an absolutely fantastic job of handling the emotional and evocative nature of the topic at hand, with a strong and subtly seething vocal line that is beautifully delivered. There is absolutely no fat to be trimmed off the lyrical content in this song, either – each word is a brutal reminder of the events of last summer, and a cutting commentary on how frightening the world can be. These sharp and sheer words are perfectly complemented by production that builds perfectly to accompany the sentiments of the song, and forms something that transcends being just a piece of music – and becomes something visceral that you simply must listen to.

You can see the lyric video to Colours by Cabaret Quicksand below, listen to the song on your platform of choice, or find out more about them on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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