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Sara Schwab – Honey

NYC blue-eyed soulstress Sara Schwab offers a unique sound, portending something like a fusion between Ornette Coleman and Bonnie Raitt. Her latest single Honey possesses a fluency with memorable melodies and jazzy tones alike.

Schwab explains; “When making this song, I wanted to be as cathartic and groovy as possible. It’s meant to be a song you can dance to barefoot outside with no limitations”. That being said, the track uses techniques both engaging and subtle, showing a resourcefulness with its arrangements and a well-executed, rootsy undertone throughout. Silky vocal harmonies, brass stabs and choppy guitar progressions mingle with one another naturally. There’s a concerted effort on every level, from the writing to the final production. The deliberately tactile, live-in-the-studio feel really works here, and Schwab injects enough of her own charm into the song to make it refreshing, cutting her sound with plenty of sweet pop ear candy.

Honey is available now on your streaming platform of choice.

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