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Possimiste – Paradise

On her new single Paradise, Icelandic singer Possimiste serves up a fresh slice of blues-infected hyperpop. It’s the first official single from her mystery filled debut album Youniverse.

The curious song recently received the “Sykurmolinn – Best Song 2020” by the Icelandic radio station X977 (yes, you’re probably going to need to crack open your VPN to listen to it). Like many of those placed in the ‘hyperpop’ category, Possimiste sculpts her sound using unexpected combinations of genre, turning abstraction into a means of expression – something that Scandinavia has been at the forefront of, with artists like Björk spearheading the movement in the 00s and Fever Ray in the 10s.

Paradise is short and the energy is rowdy – clocking in at just over 2 minutes, it takes one step back to fly a dozen forward. There’s more at play here than just a sound-montage; there’s also a fervid, sturdy blues element doing underhand dealings. Set to glitch-infused EDM beats, Possimiste’s vocal captures the euphoric elements of rhythmic and spiritual music, giving the song another flavourful quality.

If I was to choose my avant-trad pop highlight of the year so far, it would be this one. Paradise drops March 4th on all digital platforms.

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