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The Daily Dip: MonoNeon – Banana Peel on Capitol Hill

“It’s not about being different anymore, it’s about doing what I want.” – MonoNeon

You know, I remember seeing this guy on Instagram about a year ago playing bass overdubbing monologue videos. He did it in such an off-the-wall style that it stuck with me all this time. This is actually the first recorded material I’ve heard from him and it turns out I’m severely behind on the times, as he’s been releasing albums for nigh on a decade.

The Memphis bassist calls his LP a “25-minute package of some comedy, allegory, and funk” — and you know what? I couldn’t have said it better myself. Since the Covid-19 lockdowns he’s been even more sharply focused on his craft, having recently been praised by fellow bass player Flea from RHCP, it would seem the world is at his feet. Check out the album on Bandcamp and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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