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BŠĀR – Illusions

Another art rock outing from the UK multi-instrumentalist producer – Illusions is a safari park of indietronica working within pop song traditions. This may be a more conventional approach for BŠĀR, but it is no less dynamically focused.

Only three singles into his career, and already well versed in creating wide-screen orchestrations out of snare-tight locking grooves. He cuts right to the chase, commencing the track with a glorious, grand piano motif before launching into luscious synth-stacked arrangements, weaving to and fro around funky, finger-picked guitar. He even switches up his voice, showcasing some falsetto vocal.

Much like on his previous single Achilles’ Heel, Illusions uses an undoubtedly laborious technique; a concentrated effort to create a wealth of sonic space, so the sound is able to expand outwards in all directions. There’s so much happening under surface, even when it feels simpler, or more obvious.

Listen to the track now on your streaming platform of choice, and check out BŠĀR on Instagram and Facebook for more.

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