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HAERTS – Why Only You

The German duo continue to embrace their trip hop influences on new single Why Only You. Taken from their upcoming third album Dream Nation, it’s a graceful Portishead-influenced affair flaunting rich and organic soundscapes.

It’s just one of about a dozen songs that Nini Fabi and Benny Gebert wrote over a period of a month, but there’s something unique about the way Why Only You flourishes in its downtempo sphere. Fabi is sublime in her delivery, evoking a sombre Stevie Nicks-esque vocal against razor-sharp rhodes piano and metallic drums. Just like their trip hop predecessors, they thrive on pitting sounds against eachother, mixing light with dark and mining misery from bliss. Wrapped in a blanket of glittery production, HAERTS create an aesthetic which is time-tested and irresistible.

You can listen to the track now on your streaming service of choice. Keep an eye out for the Dream Nation album coming this May.

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