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Seaker – Ashes

New track Ashes from UK singer songwriter Seaker is a delicate and intimate affair. It sounds almost like it could be a live recording, giving you the impression she is singing with her band in an open arena at 6 am. The sounds are stripped down, ethereal and driven by emotion. We’re all about that here at Tempo Tempo.

The song transports you to one of the calmest places you can go. She works with a mindfulness that utilises sound just as much as it does instrumentation. These hushed, reverberating tones almost give a sensation of drifting rather than merely listening. I’m always fascinated by artist like this – making use of so little, working with only the key components. Within which, lie some of the most evocative sounds. That’s the trick. On Ashes, Seaker ensures these sounds are delivered in their rawest, purest form.

Ashes is available for streaming now so go and check it out and follow her on Instagram for more.

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