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Dan Thomas – Every Boring Sunday Afternoon

Bedfordshire’s Dan Thomas returns with another signature song, encapsulating everything charming about the singer-songwriter. Every Boring Sunday Afternoon is effortlessly, even incandescently, melodic. It immediately works its way into the subconscious, and there it will stay (at least for a good week or two).

Despite its Americana influences this is an unmistakeably English song, with a relatable, yet bittersweet quality. Thomas is very much his own man as a singer, writer and performer. His goal has always been to come from a place of honesty. Although many of his outings are anthemic with hooks placed at the forefront, the sound is always dressed with just enough modern touches in its rolling rhythms so that it doesn’t sound passé. This one works almost as a signature song, making it a perfect introduction to his catalogue.

It also features backing vocals from an ensemble cast of local musicians, and because of his pristine vocal, Thomas’ voice is able to slot comfortably next to just about anyone. The blend works, and is both expressive and powerful.

You can stream the track on Spotify now. Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming EP Something I Can Mend coming later this year and follow Dan Thomas on Instagram for more.

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