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Stray Fossa – Much For Us

On their debut album’s lead single, the Charlottesville band flaunt a resolutely lo-fi sound, with echoes of early 80s indie lightly blended with the fuzz of 60s garage rock.

Stray Fossa are a shoegaze / dream pop band with a formula that has been replicated many times, but separate themselves from the rest of the pack by approaching their sound with a finely-tuned subtlety that makes them seem like veterans. When executed in this way, the repetitive and circuitous nature of the music makes for an enervating listen.

The song is built around busy drum patterns and light guitar riffs, joined by a warm but delightfully grimey bassline. One of the biggest drawing points is how every instrument is written directly in relation to everything going on around it, and makes space accordingly. These shoegazers have delivered exactly what was intended, and are already well-suited to their shtick.

You can listen to Stray Fossa on Bandcamp and check out their Instagram for more.

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