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Proof that rock never died: Parma Comets release Apology

Have you ever dumped someone that you shouldn’t have? Have you ever reflected on a previous relationship and realised that, despite your blindness, they were one of the best things you ever had? Do you want to lament and self-flagellate in the most badass way possible, whilst immediately shaking the bad vibes off by headbanging so hard that you can feel your own fillings rattling in your teeth?

If so, London rockers, Parma Comets, have the perfect tune for you. Apology is an unapologetically (see what we did there?) classic rock track. Commencing with larger-than-life drums, the listener is then hit in the face by a tastefully heavy riff shared between guitarist-vocalist Louis Seris, and bassist, Lorenzo Milani, that’s enough to have an army tank quivering. Despite its heaviness, the guitar work on Apology is undoubtedly catchy, and this is guaranteed to be a riff that you will be humming in the shower (where, I promise, the tears from your breakup will blend in seamlessly with the water and feel much less stinging.)

Despite this clearly being a music blog, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the stunning artwork for this single: combining the gorgeous medium of a retro painting with the slightly more modern fascination of the undead, Eric Fourment’s brilliant visual for the cover is definitely eye-catching.

You can catch up with the Parma Comets on their Facebook page, and listen to Apology on your platform of choice.

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Ed Eator

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