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The Daily Dip: Unknown Wav. – Xscapism.

Portland’s soulful DJ drops his most accomplished release to date. All year he’s been making moves – invariably releasing singles on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, supplemented by a couple of EPs. Just before 2020 is out, he’s made sure to give us a tasty full length project to feast on. I say it’s right on time. If ever we needed some ‘Xscapism’ it’s now!

16 tracks and it’s straight flames from the start. Xscapism. Showing the artist’s devotion to 90s R&B and soul with deep cuts and chopped up goodness, his knack for finding the right vibes is unparalleled. This one you don’t wanna miss.

Listen to Unknown Wav. on SoundCloud, Bandcamp and give him a follow on Insta.

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