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The Independent Christmas Playlist: Cherry Head, Cherry Heart – Road to Rome

Last but definitely not least is Cherry Head, Cherry Heart. We see Andrew Johnson making another appearance here alongside an outstanding young artist by the name of Naomi Lowe. Some would say it’s not a Christmas song… go and tell that to East 17!

Patrick Rowles – Creator of the Independent Christmas Playlist

We’ve had delicateness, desolation and even death within the Independent Christmas Playlist, and now it’s time for the curtain to fall – but not without taking a listen to the fantastically jolly closing number. With a beautifully jaunty intro – which is almost guaranteed to raise a seasonal smile – Road to Rome is the absolutely perfect antidote to your winter blues.

After the year we’ve had, it would be no surprise if you need a bit of winter sun – and Cherry Head, Cherry Heart have conveniently managed to deliver it to you in four minutes of sonic bliss! With a plethora of beautifully delivered harmonies nestled amongst the seasonally appropriate bells, glockenspiel, and strings, and recounting the take of a quirky little journey back home for Christmas, Road to Roam is a the perfect little bright, bubbly, buoyant bop to be waking up to on the 25th of December.

You can listen to Road to Rome on the Independent Christmas Playlist, which has been lovingly compiled by Patrick Rowles. Read more about the Independent Christmas Playlist here!

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