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Pop-Punk Perfection: Fairway release Without You

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug, and north west London rockers Fairway are serving it up in spades with their new release of Without You. With nods to nineties and noughties rock that function as first-class flashbacks to better days, this four piece are not afraid of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, nailing their colours to the mast, and being unapologetically awesome.

Despite the amps being turned up to 11, don’t mistake this for just being brutal and mindless rock – vocalist Martyn Jackson juxtaposes the loud, but perfectly poised guitars with a vocal that’s thought-provoking and desolate at times as he sings about the fresh wounds of a challenging relationship that’s just come to its end. Without You manages to carefully tread the line between being mournful with a hint of melancholy, and being a true angsty “f*ck you”. There’s definitely some inspiration within this song to make the most of the door that stays open when someone unappreciative, untrustworthy, and uncompromising has taken the opportunity to leave through it.

For everyone wanting to take a moment to acknowledge the scars and stories of 2020 before kissing them goodbye and walking away from the explosion without a single look back, this is for you. Let this be the soundtrack to your phoenix-from-the-ashes 2021, and let the world know that you’re heartened, hardy, and ready to headbang your way through, and aren’t afraid to do it alone. And if you need any extra incentive to make 2021 your most badass year possible, Fairway will have some more tunes on the way soon – and we are very, very excited!

You can listen to Without You on your streaming platform of choice by clicking here, and find out more about Fairway by going to their website.

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