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Joseph Julien – Hold Me

Daft Punk throwing in the towel seemed to most like the end of an era. Fans had been clinging to the hope of another tour or a new studio album but alas, all good things must come to an end. Upon hearing the news, one fan, Quebecer house producer Joseph Julien was spurred on to write Hold Me using the same kind of old school production techniques that the magnificent, trailblazing French duo used throughout their career.

With source material originating from Delegation’s You & I, Julien’s latest escapade folds new strains of sound into an already rich disco-infused base. This one is considerably funkier and more extrovert than his previous efforts – not just with that Daft Punk bargaining chip, but also with a subtle affinity to future funk. And this isn’t just an excuse for me to bring up vaporwave sub-genres in a review (though I’m glad I could); the point is that this is a style so inspirational and contagious, that it has evolved its way into a timeless brand.

Hold Me clocks in at over 6 minutes, and Julien makes no bones about his rhythmic cravings anywhere. Building the layers sky-high, he joyously indulges in enigmatic, funk-flavoured house so outwardly that you can’t helped but get caught in the slipstream. Check the track out on Soundcloud now.

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