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Greg Dallas – Fallen (ft. Catey Elser and Aaron Lawson

Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist and producer Greg Dallas enlists Catey Elser and Aaron Lawson to create the antithesis of a love song. Fallen is about coming to the realisation that you really don’t care for a person, expressed through unforeseen musical stylings and unsettling caprice. The tension and mood transitions are strong and bold.

It didn’t surprise me in the least to learn that Dallas has a jazz background. He has honed his craft slowly; acting as an orchestrator/arranger, instead of simply indulging in the improvisational and spontaneous nature of jazz. Fallen grows slowly, like mire across mountains. It occupies a nu-jazz framework, with piano-driven rhythms and Aaron Lawson’s morse code drumming lurking menacingly underneath clean, refined vocals by Catey Esler.

It’s uncompromisingly self-possessed in its approach, and its more intimate qualities shouldn’t be mistaken for an easy listen. Forever evolving and unfolding, it takes the listener from emotive melancholy to eerie uncertainty in a very short time. It’s a beautiful, abstract pastoral of sorts.

You can watch the music video in its entirety here and purchase the track from Bandcamp here.

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