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Sansha – Home Again

What better way to spend a Good Friday, than with a delightfully playful number from London singer-songwriter Sansha. With a touch of bittersweet personal commentary and an East-End accent, Home Again is candid in its inspiration, both musically and emotionally.

Inspiration occurred during the first of our lockdowns here in the UK, while Sancha was confined to her home, staring out of the window of her flat. You can almost visualise her moving away from the window and toward a keyboard, beginning to lay the monophonic Moog-riff groundwork. There’s satire in the blatantness of the lyrics, with the hook of “I wish I had a pet cat in my London flat“.

Sansha seems to excel at catchy, quirky songs about mundane non-happenings – and her the execution here is spot on. The synths are overtly bouncy and repetitive but still manage to interweave elegantly with the melodies. It’s not trying to impress, and at the same time this purposefully laid-back approach makes it all the more effective.

Home Again is available for streaming on all digital platforms now. You can follow Sansha on her Facebook and Instagram pages for more.

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