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No rest, and it’s wicked: Dpph drops Laithana Tosaigh

It’s not long since we covered Dpph’s previous release; the stunningly artistic Hrmnc.Pt1, which showcased his unbelievable ability to create thought-provoking rap on top of beautifully diverse (and self-made) beats.

But the boy from Watford has shown no signs of stopping, by dropping Laithana Tosaigh (which, for those not fluent in the Irish language, means Early Days) a mere few weeks on.

Released solely on Bandcamp, the album features 4 instrumental tracks (and is the answer to the prayers of this reviewer, who has been searching high and low for instrumental music in an effort to remain productive during the pandemic). It’s clear that Dpph, for all his diversity, is creating trademarks for himself in his beats, which are full to the brim with wide-ranging influences, go against the grain, and feature spoken word samples that function as blasts from the past as well as daring to creating a narrative all on their own. From end-to-end, Laithana Tosaigh is beautifully produced, and is a joy to listen to. In particular, the final track, 1993, despite only being only 3:35, is a bodaciously brooding time-trip, with intriguing samples from vintage British adverts and media turning the tune into a metaphorical TARDIS.

Some of you may wince at the thought of having to go off the beaten track to find this, as it’s only been released on Bandcamp. But make the effort to do so, and you will not be disappointed. Dpph is forecast to make waves as both a rapper and producer/beatmaker – and I’d recommend getting on board with this at the ground floor!

You can check out Laithana Tosaigh on Bandcamp; check out Hrmnc.Pt1 on your chosen platform; and find more about Dpph on his Instagram page.

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DISCLAIMER: Dpph contributes to TempoTempo for the Daily Dip segment of the site, but his material is reviewed independently in the same way as all other artists featured on the site.

Ed Eator

A lover of anything with a decent beat and a poignant lyrics, Ed's always been a big fan of the local music scene in London and the Home Counties. From rap to reggae; punk to pop, Ed'll listen to it all. After playing in a couple of smalltime bands, Ed realised that his passion lay in listening to new music and promoting other musicians on the scene. If you'd like Ed to listen to your new or upcoming release, drop him an email at

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