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A.P. Michaels – Adam and Eve

The NYC singer comes through with epic slow-burner Adam and Eve. A track crafted with delicacy, but commanding the mood from the outset. One thing that strikes me about it is how this unlikely assortment of sonic elements are able to fit together so convincingly. A playful piano line (in marching rhythm no less) beneath a sombre vocal – a thematic choice paying off more than it should.

The biggest talking point though, is of course A.P. Michaels’ voice. It really shines through on this track, totally confident and unwavering. You realise after a minute that he offers a lot for an underground R&B artist, and there is some real potential here. Its intensity captures a moment in which outrage, darkness and disillusionment take over and while the image he paints may not be somewhere you’d want to be, it’s one that you can’t help but find truly captivating.

This slow jam smoulders lustfully, and lingers long after the novelty wears off. Needless to say, it’s recommended listening. Check out Adam and Eve on Spotify and follow A.P. Michaels on Instagram for more.

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