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Blood Honey – Game Baby

Upcoming debut single from L.A. duo entitled Game Baby wraps you in a blanket of dark synths and gorgeous silky vocals.

My introduction to this band was a positive one. I was intrigued by the term used to describe them; ‘dark wave’. They reference Portishead and Nine Inch Nails as influences and I’m inclined to agree – this motion is on point. However, even with trailblazer names like these in mind, they undoubtedly bring an additional pliability to the dark wave genre.

The innocent and gratifying simplicity of Game Baby is what captures the purity of their intention. The track feels like Blood Honey already have the confidence in their musical identity which, in itself is promising, so early on. Sombre undertones are met equally with a choral beauty more resembling the likes of Cocteau Twins and early Depeche Mode. References like these hold sway for a group’s first effort, and having crystallised their sound the duo are hard at work on more releases. They do what they do effortlessly, and I look forward to hearing what this pair have to offer in the future.

Game Baby drops Feb 25th on all streaming platforms. Check out the group’s Instagram for more.

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