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Tasty Tuesday – Turquoise

London based duo go full pop on their new single Turquoise. This funky jam focuses on delivering a killer instrumental as its focal point, and offers a vibrant escape from reality. The artwork itself is striking, working in nicely with the song’s aesthetic.

Tasty Tuesday consists of Federico Sidero and Sour Sync. They conceived Turquoise by mixing funk and nu-soul ideas, using its 3 minutes and 33 seconds to achieve one purpose: to get you to dance. Being stationary while listening is simply unfeasible. An absolute banger of a chorus flaunts a helplessly infectious groove with pitch-shifted vocal samples and other interesting sounds that blend well, if a little difficult to distinguish at times. It would seem that the correct way to experience this track would be to see it performed live. Being from the same city, perhaps one day I’ll get to attend one of their shows…

Turquoise is the first of many funkalicious dancefloor fillers from the duo that marks the start of a promising year. The track drops March 2nd on all streaming platforms.

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