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22 22 – The Mood

Falling somewhere between worlds, French producer 22 22 drops a funk-pop mini opera with an abundance of performance energy and glitzy production.

On The Mood, we’re promised musings with the intro’s warm and bubbly sound, but soon enough the song is propelled by big Tiesto drums into an infectious deep-disco earworm. 22 22 believes in catching his audience off balance like a basketball, football or tennis player – but while the song serves as a confident expression of 22 22’s varied styles and influences, the infectious hooks are ultimately the main glorious element that raises it above the clouds. Beneath the glamorous sheen of the music, the lyrics are equally seductive, telling of a yearning both in the emotional and carnal sense.

You can listen to The Mood on Spotify and watch the freakishly over-the-top music video on YouTube. You can also follow 22 22 on their Instagram page.

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