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Martyn Peters releases the poignant and passionate More Than This

There are those moments when the rat-race stops. When the dust settles. When all that’s left is space and silence. And in those moments, you find yourself asking: “what was it all for?”

With those moments, the desperate searching of Martyn Peters’ new single, More Than This, provides hard hitting moments of reflection before life begins again.

Nestled in amongst the voluminous and gorgeously layered guitar tones are lyrics that speak out on the dissatisfying returns that life can yield occasionally. Despite having clear touch points with public opinion in relation to the lockdown life, Peters penned this passionate plea pre-pandemic, but the message has arguably become more pertinent than ever.

Brilliantly self-produced (with the only niggle being a cicada-like cymbal part that threatens – and thankfully fails – to steal the limelight from Peters’ power-packed vocal in the middle eight), More Than This fits right in with the north Wales singer-songwriter’s poignant and well written back catalogue; following his debut album, Veins (2017), and the follow-up single, Nothing To Say (2019).

You can find out more about Martyn Peters on his Instagram, and check out More Than This on your chosen platform.

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