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No Stress – Wake Up

Multi-instrumentalist Paul Horton cut his teeth playing in The Alabama Shakes and the jazz duo Concurrence. Yesterday he dropped the second single from his forthcoming Prelude No. 1 LP under the alias No Stress.

The track features jazz singer Dara Tucker on guest vocals, an array of artfully spliced tones and some turbulent drumming to boot. As jazztronica goes, Wake Up is a pretty riveting specimen. It attempts to bottle the intricate energy of jazz improvisation into a strict, coordinated 3 minute production. The track begins with the wistful glow of radiant synths, but its gradual ascent and eventual climax translates into its most alluring quality; drifting further towards the mathematical with its polymath rhythms and skittish drum pattern. It’s what you would call a progressive work, encompassing a great amount of scope, with Horton continually keeping us guessing.

Wake Up is available for streaming here on Soundcloud. The LP Prelude No. 1 drops March 2nd – don’t miss it.

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