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Wooden Peak – Great Farm (Electric Version)

New track from German indie/electronica duo Wooden Peak builds on meticulous sound design that grows sky-high, like the group is guiding us into a new, more placid dimension.

Great Farm is a choice selection from their forthcoming ‘Electrical Versions’ project, which drops tomorrow via TELESKOP. It’s the duo’s fourth LP and is compiled of previous tracks – all “electrified”, seeking to bringing out a new quality or shade in the music.

In this instance, we’re looking at a song stripped down to its bare bones, with much space left open for exploration. Hand drums patter around the edges, guided by minimalistic rhythms. Faint marimbas and chimes float in the distance. It has the limber feel of a percussion ensemble, but with escalating chord sequences, pop-inspired vocals and the addition of soft horns in the chorus, we’re given a tangible sense of direction that allows the track to flow.

The notion to rework songs in this unique fashion will no doubt be a testament to Wooden Peak’s dexterity. Their latest excursions into soft introspection is certainly a worthwhile effort, and will serve to enhance their breadth and vision as a duo.

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